API overview

The Translate By Humans API allows you to connect your application to Translate By Humans and directly employ our services instead of going through our order form.

Since translation is done by humans and is not an automated process, our API is asynchronous. This means that you have to allow time for the translators to finish translation.

Supported Industries

Having spent a substantial time in streamlining the accredited document translation services as well as having dealt with a global clientele, Translate By Humans proudly stands in as an industry leader. We can translate text from all industries, common being finance, legal, medical, technical, public sector, etc.

Supported Files

  1. Documents
    .doc, .docx, .odt .txt .rtf  .xls, .xlsx .pdf, .pptx
  2. Software
    .strings .xml .json .po .pot .yml .ymal .plist .stringsdict .xliff .resx
  3. Mobile
    .xml .strings

Placing your order

We have streamlined the process of placing new translation orders using our API. You simply have to make a POST request to our API with the following fields in your request to be able to place a new order:
source_language_code,destination_language_code,category_id,source_text,proof_reading &Upload file
To know more about how to obtain the above mentioned parameters, click here.

Before an order can be placed, the developer needs to set up a callback URL so as to receive proper notifications regarding the order status change. Data will be submitted through POST method in callback URL. Read more about setting callback URL.

Check the status of your order

Each submitted job goes through a series of statuses before delivery. To help you better understand the progress made by your order, we let you check the status of the order. For a complete list of order statuses, read this.

Get your translation back

Translate By Humans will send the completed jobs to your system as translators complete them. However, if you’d like to retrieve order details for a specific order id you can do so by invoking the order detail API.

To get a complete list of orders placed and their details, use the orders API.

Cancellation of Order and Credit Refund

We currently do not support this feature in our API. For an order cancellation and/or credit refund, please contact the project manager.

Response format

We return all API data in JSON format. All API responses consist for 4 keys-

  1. data: Depending on the request, this key will contain the returned output.
  2. message: This contains a suitable message for your request. In case an error occurs, this key will contain the description of the error.
  3. error_code: When an error occurs, this key will contain the error code which you can check against our list of error codes to recognize what went wrong. To get a complete list of error codes, read this.
  4. success: this key returns a boolean value (true/false).

Text Encoding and Language Codes

We use UTF-8 text encoding.

We recommend that you use sourcelanguage and destinationlanguage API for language selection so as to be sure that translation is supported for your choice of language.

Language Code
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