Sandbox Overview

What is a sandbox account?

Sandbox is a platform exclusively created for the convenience of the developers in order to integrate Translate By Humans API. Developers can change order status and other parameters to see how it reflects with their local testing environment.

What can I do with a sandbox account?

Using a sandbox account, developers can test the application in a test environment that mimics how it’s going to behave in the live environment.

How can I get sandbox username & password?

The sandbox platform is not openly accessible for all developers. To generate a sandbox account you need to complete the following steps:

  1. First you need to register for an account on TBH. You can do so by clicking here
  2. Contact our sales team to get access to our API.
  3. Once the admin approves your request, you can invite developers via your TBH account by clicking on “Invite Developers” from Sandbox User(s) tab. A welcome email will be sent to your invited developers.
  4. Finally, the invited developers can access the sandbox platform via following steps on the welcome email.

How to add credit to your sandbox account?

Sandbox credit can be instantly added in your account anytime you run out of credits and wish to top-up . Simply login to the Translate By Humans Developers console here and navigate to the “Purchase Credit” link on the left hand side of the page. On the Purchase Credit page, you will find your current available sandbox credits displayed along with an option to purchase new credits.

How to test your order status?

Login to the Developers Console and you’ll be redirected to the “Order Summary” page. Here you will find a table listing your order items and their details (Order Number, Order Date, Word Count, Credit & Status).

To change an order status, simply click on the Status dropdown for your order item and choose one of the following statuses - New, Assigned To Translator, Completed, Cancelled, Hold, Refunded, Partially Refunded.

The status for that order item will automatically change as you select an option. A callback URL or a POST request with your order data and status will be triggered on changing the order status.

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